Updates - October 2012: 

October 3rd
My Art Book "Female Of The Species" hits Paris
 and will soon be available for purchase online here. Stay tuned, I am working on the online store!

October 25th - Solo Exhibition at the heart of Paris at Gallery Arludik. 

ORIGINALS FOR SALE! For the first time I will have over 20 original drawings of women for sale. Done traditionally on paper with various materials - inks, watercolor, soft and oil pastels, pencils ad more. There also are going to be 10 covers for sale, printed on canvas at the size of 100x80 cm (39x31 inches). I put some extra work on each one of them and changed at least one detail, which made these pieces truly original. They come with a certificate of authenticity and won't be printed ever again. If you ever wanted to have originals from me, now would be the time :)